How to Process a Quick Transaction

Julianne Manning -

If you have a brand new donor you can create their account and enter in their donation at the same time through the Quick Transaction option.

First, click on the Donor’s Tab and then click on Quick Transaction at the top right-hand of the page.




On the next screen, you can decide if you want the computer to generate a username and password for the donor and if you want to send the donor their login information. Check the boxes that apply. Then enter the payment method and payment account information, along with the account holder’s name and address.  Next enter the date of the transaction you would like to process, along with the frequency and any applicable memo as seen below:





Next, enter the designation information for your donation.  There is a search option if the designation is not listed, or you can select the designation by entering the amount on the same line with the designation.  Then, click on Process Transaction.




Finally, you will receive a confirmation that the transaction has been successfully submitted.



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