How to Access and Utilize Monthly Statements

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You will be emailed a copy of your Monthly Statement every month. However, you can also review, download, and/or print your organization’s Monthly Statement from EGS anytime.  This allows you to view the details about each transaction that occurred.

To access these statements, click on the Reports tab and then click on Monthly Statements from the left-hand side menu.  Next, select the Month and Year with the drop-down options, and then click on View Statement. *Please note that you will only be able to view the previous month’s statements and not the current month.



The Different Sections of the Monthly Statement

Processing Summary

In the Processing Summary section, you will find a summary of the activity of your transactions for that particular month. You will see a summary of payments, Fees, Returns, Refunds, and Chgbcks listed by total Payments, Fees associated with your processing, Returns, Refunds and Chargebacks, along with the Net Total of your deposits.




Payment Type Summary

In the Payment Type Summary section, you will find the breakdown of your activity listed by Payment Type, along with the specific Count and Amounts including the Sales Amount, Returns, Refunds and Chargeback Amounts, and the Net Amount.  This section also includes a Transaction Average for each payment type.




Processing Fee Summary

In the Processing Fee Summary section, you will find the breakdown of your fees listed by Payment Type, along with a Description of each specific fee that can also be found on the original Fee Schedule of your contract with Stewardship Technology (if you do not have this schedule, you can contact for a copy).  These fees will also include the Count and Unit Cost or the Amount and Percentage, along with the total Fee for each Description.



Designations Breakdown

In the Designations Breakdown section, you will find each Designation within your account listed along with the Count of transactions, Payment Amount, Fee Amount, Net Amount, and if that particular Designation is set as Taxable or Nontaxable.





Daily Payment Summary

In the Daily Payment Summary section, you will find each Daily Payment listed by Transaction Date, Transaction Type, Count, Payment Amounts, Fees, and the Settlement Date for these items.




Daily Banking Transfer

In the Daily Banking Transfers section, you will find the different types of Transfers by Banking Date, total Payments, Count, Type, Fees Held, Transfer Amount, and the last four digits of the bank account.




Important Notices

And lastly, if there are any Important Notices that Stewardship Technology would like to share with you, they will be listed in this section.


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