Configure Your Email Cover Letter

Julianne Manning -

The Email Cover Letter is what your donors will see when you email their tax receipts. You can configure this section and then below your donors will see a link to their Tax Receipt.


To configure your email cover letter, click on the Reports tab, then Tax Receipts from the left-hand side menu, and then click on Configure Email Cover Letter.




On this page, you can edit the Subject line for your email. The default will be the name of your organization along with the year that you are issuing a receipt.




 You can also choose to update the body text by clicking within this field and applying your changes.




Lastly, you can add a Signature Image by clicking on Choose File.




Also, on this page, you can see a preview of your email cover letter. Save all your changes at the bottom of the page.




To watch a demo, please click on the video below.

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