COVID- 19 Email or Letter Template

Julianne Manning -



[Organization’s Name]


[City, State, Zip]


Dear [Congregation/Volunteers/Supporters],


Over the past few weeks, there has been much concern about the COVID-19 virus and how we should respond.


[List a few practical things your church or organization is doing to combat illness, i.e. setting out more hand sanitizer, eliminating the greeting time, cancelling large events, etc.]


Since each person’s health and risk for COVID-19 is different, we welcome you to stay home if you feel you are vulnerable to this disease. Your safety is our priority. [If your church has an online streaming of the service, this is a good place to mention where they can find that on Sunday morning.]


As we navigate the risks and impact of COVID-19 together, we encourage you to take the precautions you think necessary to ensure your wellness. Should you stay home, we’d like to remind you that [tithes/offerings/donations] can be made online at [URL FOR YOUR ONLINE GIVING FORM]. These donations help us continue to serve our community and this is truly a time when [church name/nonprofit] can be proactive in its mission to impact our community and surrounding areas.




[Signature of author (if printed and mailed)]


[Typed name of author]

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