Updates to Expired Credit Card Notices

Julianne Manning -

We have recently made some changes to our Electronic Giving Solutions (EGS) on how we handle credit cards that are about to or have expired. A month before a credit card is about to expire, the donor will get an email letting them know their credit card is about to expire. This email will include directions on how they can either contact you or log in to their account to update their card.


If they do not update their credit card, they will receive another email once their card has expired. You will also be copied into this email. The email will give instructions on how the donor can either reach out to you or log in to their account to update their payment account and create a new recurring donation.


A change in this process is that any recurring donation that is tied to an expired credit card, will no longer continue to process but will be expired. If a donor lets their credit card expire a new donation schedule will need to be created.


As always, if you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to reach out to support at support@egsnetwork.com .


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