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With the Year-End giving season right around the corner it is important to think about ways to highlight your Peer-to-Peer campaigns. Nearly one-third of online donations are made through Peer-to-Peer campaigns. With events such as #GivingTuesday, it is important to make your campaigns as accessible to your donors as much as possible. With peer-to-peer campaigns, your biggest supporters, your biggest fans, your mission advocates, are raising money on your behalf. They are doing the work for you! So why not make their process as easy as possible.

Traditionally, people have spread the word by harnessing the power of Social Media and sharing their Peer-to-Peer campaigns through their social channels.  This has been and still is a very effective approach. However, part of making your campaign a success is publishing your campaign in as many places as possible. This includes your website. Where are all your biggest fans going to get the latest information about your organization? Your website! Therefore, this month’s Tip & Trick is to highlight the latest trends in fundraising: putting a Fundraise button on your website.


Putting a Fundraise button on your website next to your Donate button provides an easy way to show your mission advocates how they can do more to help the cause they are passionate about. Through this Fundraise option, it allows your supporters to share with their friends and family why they are passionate about you.

With Stewardship’s Peer-to-Peer solution, togetherweraise, we provide multiple ways for you to showcase your Peer-to-Peer campaign. Under the Registration page, while editing a campaign, you simply copy and paste the links provided, behind your Fundraise button on your website.



Making your Peer-to-Peer campaigns accessible on your website is one step forward in making your Peer-to-Peer campaign a success.


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