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Keeping track of your donors is just as important as tracking what your donors are giving to and how much you have raised this year. It is important to reach out to new donors as well as any donors who have not given in a long time. But then it is also important not to forget your active donors who are partnering with you on your mission. Luckily, Stewardship has made it easy to be able to identify a donor in each of these categories, and you don’t have to look any further than your Dashboard.



At the bottom right-hand corner of the Dashboard, you can instantly see data over each of these different donor groups.



The Donor this Year statistic will show the number of your new donors for the current year. It will also show you how this number compares to the previous year.

The Active Donors statistic will show you all the donors who have donated within a year of the current date.

The Lapsed Donors will show you all the donors who have not donated within a year of the current date. 




Beyond the numbers, you can simply click on the “View All” text to download a CSV spreadsheet that will give you the name of your donors, the date they became a donor, the date of their last donation and their contact information. You easily use this CSV in a mail merge to send an email to your donors.


Right from your Dashboard, Stewardship has given you the tools you need to manage your donors. Use this data to connect with your donors to continue to allow them to partner with you to further your mission.





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