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While planning out your SMART goals for the year there are many resources available to you on the EGS Platform.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides instant statistics as soon as you log in. There are 4 statistic boxes at the top of the Dashboard. The Raised This Year Statistic box instantly shows you all settled funds that you have raised from the beginning of the year. You can also see the average donation amount, number of donations this year, and the amount you have raised this month. You are can also easily see how this statistic measures up compared to the year before by the green or red arrow below.


Below the statistic boxes, you can see a graph that will show you the pattern of your donor’s giving. You can also filter this graph by week, month, quarter, and year going back to the last several years that we have processed for you. You can also hover over the graph points to see the amount that makes up this total.


If you click on the drop-down arrow next to summary you will be able to choose the Calendar view for your Dashboard. The Calendar view allows you to see all scheduled, cleared, processing, and returned transaction. You can click within the box for that day to see the transactions that make up that total.


There are also a couple of helpful statistic boxes at the bottom of the Dashboard.  The Designations pie chart allows you to see which designation is receiving the most donations.  

The Donor stat boxes give you a YTD total of new donors this year and then a rolling 12-month total of active donors, donors with a scheduled recurring donation. You will also see the total amount of lapsed donors, donors who have not given within the last 12 months. You can simply click on View All for each of these stats to download a CSV spreadsheet that will show you the information that makes up these totals.


The Reports Tab

This Reports tab provides a variety of reports that you can download at any time for you to track and manage your donors and donations. To access your reports, click on the Report tab at the top. Then click on the drop-down arrow next to the section of reports you wish to view. Then you can choose your report and select the date range on the right-hand side of the screen.

There are 3 outputs you can choose from to in order to view your report.

1) You can choose to have the report downloaded immediately by choosing this output option and then click on Create Report. This will download your report in a CSV spreadsheet.



2) You can also choose to save the report to the My Reports section. Simply choose this output option and click on Create Report.  This allows you to save this report to be able to view later. When you click on My Reports from the left-hand side menu, you can see all of your previously saved reports as well as ones that are currently generating.




3) You can also choose to have a report emailed to you at the frequency of your choice. First, choose the Email Report output.  Then make sure your email is correct and/or add another email for the report to be sent. Then select the schedule for date, the frequency, and then click on Create Report.


If you click on the My Reports section, you can also see any reports that are scheduled to be emailed to you with the ability to edit your email options.




Recommended Reports

1) Donor Gift Schedules by Creation Date -This report shows you any new or returning donor who has scheduled a new donation within your specified time frame.


2) Bank Account Reconciliation Designation Detail (BARDD) - Shows the transaction date, date it was settled into your bank, who the donor was, what they gave to, donation amount, fee amount, and the net amount deposited.


3) Transaction Details by Transaction Date Report- This report shows all transaction information including manual check entries and declined transactions.


4) Projected Donations Summary- This report is great while you are planning, budgeting, and measuring your SMART goals. This report allows you to see a projected summary of donations grouped by Designation and date for the next 6 months.

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