How to Change the Date of a Transaction

Deborah Adams -

The date of a transaction depends on when the transaction is made but also the time our system starts to process the donation. If a donor needs a date of the transaction to be changed, you can follow the steps below.

Under the Donor tab, search for the donor, click to highlight their name, and click on View Transactions.



On the next page, click on Transactions from the left-hand side menu. Then, click to highlight the transaction you need to edit and click on View Transaction.



On the pop-up box, click on the pencil icon next to the Transaction Date.



Please take notice of the Warning saying, “This feature allows you to adjust transaction and settlement dates for end of year or end of account period purposes. Changes to these dates will affect reports and be visible to both the beneficiary and the donor. Enter a date no later than 45 days from the original date.” Then you can enter in the new Transaction date and click on Apply.



Click “ok” on the EGS Network box asking if you are sure.


The new date will then be reflected on your Donor’s account and for all your reports.


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