Steps to Prepare Your Year-End Statements!

Julianne Manning -

It’s that time of year when you are looking ahead to start the year-end receipting process for your donors. We recommend that you do not print the tax receipts until January 1st. If you do, it creates a batch that cannot be combined with any other donations you would receive after the batch has been created. However, you can start double checking that you have your designations set up correctly to be on your Year-End Statements.


To make sure the designations will appear on your statements. Click on the Designations tab, then click to highlight the Designation you wish to review, and then click on Edit.


On the next page, you will want to make sure the “Include on Tax Receipts” box is checked. If it is, then any donations made to this designation, will appear on your tax receipts. If not, those designations will not be listed. Make sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page.

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