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The great advantage of using Stewardship Technology is that you can customize the look and feel of your giving forms, event registration, and donor portal themes. This continuation of your branding helps your donor feel comfortable giving on your site. Sometimes you may need to modify your picture file for the correct size. Below are a couple of tricks on how to modify your picture file.

Photo Shop

In PhotoShop create a new document with the correct dimensions.



Then, you can place your logo with your new document and save the file for your new banner.




In PowerPoint

You can also use PowerPoint to create your picture.

Open a new blank presentation in PowerPoint and then click on Insert and select a rectangle.


Use your mouse to draw your rectangle and then right click on your mouse and select Format Shape.



Use the left-hand side of the panel to format the size, color outline, and background color of your shape. You can convert pixels to inches by dividing the number of pixels by 96.

Next insert your logo or the picture you would like to use for your theme.

Click to select your rectangle and then hold down the CTRL key and click to select your picture. You should see both images selected. Then right click and choose to Group your images to make them one picture.




Once your picture is grouped and formatted as you wish right click on your picture and Save as Picture.




To Update your Theme Settings, Follow the Steps Below.

Step One: Hover your mouse over the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click on Settings.


Step Two: Next click on Theme Settings from the left-hand side menu. Next click to highlight the theme you wish to customize and then click on General Website Settings.



Step Three: On the next page is where you can change many aspects of your giving form. The first change we recommend is to update your background color and header picture. To make any change, uncheck the Use Default box and then click the box next to the change you wish to make. For the header picture for your custom links using the Biggest Bestest Most Awesomest Giving form use a file that is 1140 x 200 pixels. For the header picture for your Donor Portal or Event themes use a file that is 800 x 200 pixels. The recommendation for the height box is between 80-150 pixels. Once you have made all your changes, make sure to click Save at the bottom.


In just a few simple steps, you are able to customize your giving form, event registration, and donor portal so your donors feel comfortable donating to your organization.

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