Provide Ways for Your Donors to Give

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Donors cannot use your giving links if they don’t know they exist. The great thing about your custom Stewardship Technology giving links is that you can give your donors access to them in a variety of ways.



Your Website

Make sure you provide an easy path to your giving links on your website. Don’t make your donor search for where they need to give. You can use bold or subtle donate buttons on your website or even create an Online Giving tab on your Site Map. This allows you to showcase your different giving links for your donors.









Utilize Social Media

The great thing about our links is that you can put them anywhere! This includes on your social media pages. *55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action.  While your donors are looking at your Facebook page, make sure you provide your giving link for them to give!




Print out your giving link’s QR code.

Each of your links has its own QR code. You can download the code and print it in all of your advertising material. This will give direct access to your giving link for anyone who has a QR scanner on their phone.






Text to Give

Even simpler, Text to Give. For an additional monthly fee, you can add our Text to Give feature for your organization. Simply advertise your local Text to Give number, we’ll provide, and your donors will have access to your giving page in a matter of minutes.






Keep Donors Informed

Highlight what happens with their donation. Donors appreciate knowing how their donation is being used. Set landmarks and goals for your organization and keep donors informed. Help them to understand that by investing in your organization they are investing in the greater good. When there is a personal connection, donors are likely to give more.



*Statistics used in this Tip and Trick can be found at this website, .


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