Comprehensive Reports

Julianne Manning -

With your Stewardship Technology EGS platform, you have reports readily available at your fingertips. Our integrated reports are one of our client’s favorite features. Below are a few of my favorite reports to utilize.

If you want to see if any new donations were made this week you can use the Donors Gift Schedules by Create Date Report found under the Donors report section. Not only does this report show any new one-time donations but it also shows any new recurring donations as well. You can set the date range on the right-hand side and even have this report emailed to you on a weekly basis.



If you want to know the details of a transaction before it settles into your bank account you can use the Transaction Details by Transaction Date report under the Transaction by Transaction Date report section. This report will also show you the status of your donations.



If you want to reconcile your bank statement and see all the details of a donation the Bank Account Reconciliation Designation Details report in the Bank Account Reconciliation report section is the go to report.


With a variety of reports to choose from you will have access to all the information you need to manage your donations through your EGS All in One Donor Management Platform.

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