Understanding your Dashboard

Julianne Manning -

When you login to EGS you instantly have data and information at your fingertips. You can see how much you have raised this year, what the average donation gift is, and so much more! You can even choose the calendar or transaction view to get further insights into your daily transactions.

The Graph view allows you to filter by week, month, quarter, and year to see the pattern of your donors’ behaviors.


The Calendar view allows you to see the status of your donations daily. You can even click within a date to see the details that make up that donation amount.



To view the details of that transaction, click to highlight the donor’s name and then click on View Transaction. From here you can see the details that make up that donation. You can even click on View Donor to be taken directly to the donor’s account.  


When you choose the Transaction list view you are able to see a list of the transactions for that month. You can also download this as CVS spreadsheet or print off this list for your convenience.


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