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Tip & Trick- Profile and Security

As employees and volunteers come and go, it is important to keep your Profile and Security contact list up to date. By updating usernames and passwords you are helping to keep your account secure. Anyone that you have listed under your profile is a person that you have given Stewardship Technology permission to talk to about your account. You can also create different administrators and security groups to give people access to your account. The main person associated with the permanent username of your account will be the one who will receive the notification email about donations received and emails from Stewardship Technology.


To Update Your Profile

Hover your mouse over your name at the top right-hand corner of the page. Then click on My Profile. On the next page, make sure your basic information about your organization is up to date. Then add your contacts for your account. Save all changes at the bottom of the page.



Creating Different Groups and Users

Your Administrator group gives anyone in that group access to your full account. However, you can create different groups and limit their access to only the tabs they need. For example, you can create a Webmaster group and only give this group access to Designations, Tools, and Settings.

Hover your mouse over your name at the top right-hand corner of the page and click on Security.


Next click on Add in the Groups box.


Give the group a name and then put a check next to the tabs that you would like to grant access. Then save your changes at the bottom of the page.


To add a new user, click on Add in the Users box.



Fill in the user’s information making sure to assign them to the correct security group. Then click on Save.



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