How to Create a Custom Link: Specifying One or More Designations

Deborah Adams -

Click on the Tools tab at the top and then click on Create New Link.



On step one of the create link wizard, give your link a title, choose your theme, and select your form type. We recommend that you use the Biggest, Bestest, Most Awesomest form. Then click on Continue.



On step two is where we can choose your single designation for your link. First choose to Specify One or More Designations. Next click on your folder, then click to highlight your designation, and then click on Select. You will see your designation added to the bottom of the page. Then click on Continue.



 On step three is where you can input your custom header and footer text and modify the amounts for the suggested donation buttons. To add custom header and footer text, put a check in the appropriate box and then add your text. To modify the suggested donation buttons, click in the box to change the amount shown. Then choose Make Default for the default amount chosen for the donor. Then click on Continue.



 On step four you can check to specify a single donation frequency, allow donors to dedicate their donation in honor or in memory of someone, add an optional payment note field, or to allow donors to be anonymous. Then click on Create Link.



The next page will show your link that you can put on your website, social media, and wherever you would like! Then click on Continue.



To view your new custom link, you can click to highlight it and then click on View Link.




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