Using the Manual Check Entry

Julianne Manning -



To manually enter a check, you can do so under the Donor tab. Then on the right-hand side click on Check Entry.


Enter the total amount of checks and the total dollar amount of the checks at the top.  You can also select a default check date and designation if you would like. Then, fill the specific check information in at the bottom. If the check is for a current donor, when you start to type in their name, the donor’s name will appear in a drop down box below the donor field. Click on their name. If it is for a new donor, you can click on Create Donor from the drop down box to enter their information. In the Designation field, you can start typing the name of the designations and the designation options will appear in a drop down box. Click on the correct designation.  When all checks have been entered, click the Save button.




Your manually entered checks can be viewed later by accessing the Reports tab and selecting the check batch report.



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