How to Print a Tax Receipt for a Specific Donor

Julianne Manning -

Instead of issuing tax receipts for all your donors, you can issue a tax receipt for one specific donor. You can choose to either print or email a donor’s tax receipt for donations for the entire year or just since you last issued them a tax receipt.


First, search for the Donor under the Donors tab, click to highlight their name, and click on Edit.





On the next page, confirm the donor’s email address and decide if you want to use it for the delivery of Tax Receipts. Save any changes at the bottom of the page.




Next, click on Tax Receipts from the left-hand side menu. On this page, you can select which year you are issuing a receipt and then decide if you want to include donations from the entire year or just since you last issued the donor a tax receipt. Uncheck or Check the Include Entire Year box accordingly and click on Display to update your tax receipt.

Then, if your donor has a valid email address you will see the option to either Print New or Email New their tax receipt. If you print their tax receipt you will see a print preview tab appear and if you click on Email new the tax receipt will be immediately sent. You will also receive a message confirming your email has been sent.





Whether you print or email the tax receipt, you will see the action appear in the Tax Receipt history box. You will always have the option to reprint a printed receipt or reprint or resend an emailed receipt.




To watch a demo, please click on the video below.



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