How to Print a Tax Receipt for a Specific Donor

Julianne Manning -

Instead of printing out tax receipts for all your donors, you can just print out a tax receipt for one specific donor. When you print off your donor’s tax receipts it creates a batch. If any donations are made after the batch is created, they are put into a separate batch. To alleviate multiple batches, we recommend that you wait until the beginning of the next year to print off the previous year’s statements.

To print off a tax receipt for a specific donor, search for them under the Donor tab, click to highlight their name and click on View Transactions.

On the next page click on Tax Receipts form the left-hand side menu. Next use the drop-down box to choose which year you would like to see and click on Display. New tax receipts from the selected year will be in the first box. Click on Print New to create a batch and print out the receipt.

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