How to Use the Pledges Section

Deborah Adams -

Under the Donor tab, highlight the donor for whom you would like to view or change pledges.  Click on View Transactions.


On the next screen, click on Pledges.


On the next screen, click on Add to add a new pledge.


On the next screen, enter the Start Date, End Date, and Frequency from the drop-down menus.

You can add a Frequency Note and a Designation (or select this from the listed designations).

Next enter the amount of the pledge and any Comments, then click on Save.


Next, you will want to add a recurring donation that will go along with the pledge you just created for your donor.

Click on Payments and Donations from the left-hand side menu. Then click on Add E-Donation.


Choose their designation, then click on Donate to This, and then click on Continue.



On the next page you can select the payment account, amount of the donation, date of next gift, frequency, and add any additional comments. Then click on Submit at the bottom of the page.







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